Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Band

I may be a student of literature, and I may be about to hold in my hands the minds of 25 unsuspecting college freshmen, molding them (hopefully) into properly processing centers of language and critical thought.  But that doesn't mean I don't have a life.  I figured I'd live out my rock'n'roll persona this month, the last before I take on the frightening task of role modeling.

I'm in a band.  It's a silly thing.  A classic rock cover band that only plays bars and parties in the western suburbs of Chicagoland.  We do all right.  This band is comprised of me and four men, one of whom is about ten years my senior, and the rest even older.  So they have good taste in music.

We used to have the stupidest name. It was awful. So we changed it to something consummately awful.  We are making our debut as


this August 13 in Aurora, Illinois.

Crass! Offensive! What? These are all things one might say at the sound of that name.  I didn't choose it, but I like it. It makes no sense. And it's delightfully awful.

I am the lead singer, but I am not Dick Coyle.

Please enjoy photos of us looking very serious. We will drill your ass. Website is "under construction."

Robyn Coyle
Lead Singer, Harp, Small Cha Chas

PS: I know shorts are not rock'n'roll.  But photo shoots no one knew were about to happen are.

All photos are copyright Erica Nicksin, who also had no idea she was about to shoot photos.


  1. You guys are my favorite band ever.

  2. You are our favorite photographer ever.


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