Monday, January 17, 2011

Pile Day

Don't you love pile day? Thanks to Amazon Prime all my shit ships in two days these days, and lands in a glorious well-timed pile on my doorstep. I came home to the pile on Saturday, and in it was the following:

T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land with original manuscript (which makes me want to make crazy notes and arrows on everything)

The Textual Condition
(which sounds like a terrible disease of the intellect)

The Life of John Milton (which will either blow my mind or put it into hibernation)

MLA's Literary Research Guide (which I thought was stupid at first but might become indispensable this semester)

I was also supposed to order some huge tome of Milton works, but I think I have them all between various Nortons and crappy Penguin editions. It wasn't a critical edition we were supposed to get, so I don't think I'll get flogged or anything. There were a couple required Shakespeares too, but I'm planning on extended loans from the public library. In undergrad the profs were all about saving us poor English wretches money. Hopefully grad school profs are just as lenient about textbook editions. If we've come this far in English (instead of heading off to law school or MBA school with our liberal arts BAs), then we really don't have any money.

So this is it, and here we go. Milton on Mondays and research on Wednesdays is it, for now. I won't know my crazy Fall schedule until March (I hope it's crazy! And full of snotty, despondent, eye-rolling freshmen writers! The more you do the more you can do...)

Looking at my newest book pile on the first week of the semester is always a joy, and this semester it is an especial joy because I'm only reading literature and doing research. No theory, no reflective essays, no pondering the state of the academy (or the state of my future state? I stopped following the MLA on Twitter because it was all so obnoxious...). None of that junk. Just good gritty work on this here pile.


  1. The Milton autobiography will put your mind in hibernation. Is it the Lewalski version?

  2. Yes it is.. it looks like a snooze! Luckily the prof is kind of a hoot, and his Milton excitement will probably carry the class.


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