Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sans Serif, etc.

I'm doing some blog renovations -- sweat equity you know! A fresh coat of paint, a bigger title for curb appeal, and better balanced columns to make sure the blog-roof doesn't cave in.

It was fun to move everything around, just like rearranging a room where the furniture's sat in the same corners for five years without budging. But this is the internet, so my blog's two years of sameness were an eternity. Goodbye cobwebs, hello flying birdies!

I had no reservations about changing the look of things, but to be honest I spent far too long toggling fonts for the body text. As ye olde student of English, it was exceedingly difficult to part with the serifs on the Georgia font I'd used all this time. You can still see the Georgia in the title and the post titles, but the body is now sans serif. Despite the fact (it is a fact!) that serifed text is easier to read in long passages (the letters sort of flow together), that may not be true on the computer screen. Any extra business going on with the text seems to make the eye work harder, even if the business is a conventional serif. So I toggled and toggled, and ended up with Arial, the internet darling. I don't like to look at it, but it might make someone stick around a little longer when I start to get long-winded.

Beyond cosmetic appeal, I've been wanting to renovate for the sake of organization and moving on to some blogging more befitting my educational standing. Not that people with one degree in English (that's not very many English degrees these days) can't let loose all kinds of words in public view, but I want to make this blog/place a little more easy to navigate and to get something out of, both for myself and anyone who reads it. I have no intention of calling for a personal moratorium on "rants and observational nonsense," but I hope to build up enough academic stuffs here to make those occasional rants and non sequiturs appear as comic relief rather than lapses into idiocy. So I'm going to redo my labels so they're more specific, and that might take even longer than the sans serif/serif text toggle.

I feel a little like I'm letting my social marketing and search engine optimization knowledge get too close to my blog, but smoke'em if you got'em right? I'll also be tweaking the subtitle and other searchable junk. My only reason for wanting to be "findable" on the internet is to make meaningful connections with like-minded students, readers, funny people, and other real life human beings, in the hopes that we can learn from each other. To use a horrible word, the "blogosphere" can be a great place to learn and interact. I have no interest in "watching the social web (which includes blogs) monetize," a line which seems to be the web 2.0 profile equivalent of "long walks on the beach."

I renewed my MLA membership today which is no longer quite as "pointless" as I used to say. I changed my school, updated my status to graduate student (which means I get to pay almost nothing! there was no undergrad discount), and joined some discussion group about teaching literature. All these things make me stupidly excited, as does every little step toward going back to school. It will have been a long eight months away once I get back there! And hopefully then I will have things that actually should cause excitement to get excited about. (Actually I've learned to stop apologizing for my over-excitements about things -- I should instead take some kind of satisfaction in knowing I'm a person who mostly crazily appreciates what she can come by through her efforts.)

Finally, I'm putting my moody between-schools face away, and donning the glasses again. See you in class, ya'll. Or stop by here anytime, and sniff the fresh paint.

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  1. Looking forward to a new look with some familiar wit!


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