Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Countdowns and Optimisms

Everything in its place! I have a shiny new email account. I have all my funds ready for disbursal (see you in September, monies!), and workstuffs mostly figured out. I have a class schedule chosen with care. All I need is a student ID card. Hopefully this one will look less like a mug shot or a janitor's ID card. (Thanks for that, Aurora U.)

All these little things make it more and more official to me that school is starting again. But of course the BIG thing is the classes. I am chomping at the bit to get back to school, and my classes sound so awesome it's making the anticipation agonizing! Here they are:

ENG 402 History of English Prose Style
A survey of alternative theoretical approaches to the study of style, followed by intensive study of changes in the conventions of English prose from the Renaissance to the present.

ENG 472 Literary Criticism
Study of the theoretical foundations of literary criticism, exemplified by major texts from ancient Greece to the present.

I feel a little silly for not taking an actual "literature" class my first term, but these two classes fulfill core requirements of the program and they get me pretty excited. So there. Although, we need five period courses so I can't put off the actual novels and poems after this first quarter!

402 has me excited because I am a sucker for style, and I have never formally studied any "theoretical approaches" to it.

472 has me excited because I have had only minimal directed reading in criticism. I have done so much outside of class, but I've only formally read criticism for two undergraduate courses. To have a whole survey of lit crit that puts everything in its place and calls each thing by its name, well that will straighten out my ping pong brain a little for sure. Plus we will be a group of graduate students who can actually talk about what we're reading. Amazing! Think on't!

As if I wasn't already stupidly excited enough because of my course descriptions and the possibility of much more than a glimmer of intelligence among my classmates (and there's two more months of waiting left even), I just looked up my book lists. Here is a small sampling:

Prose of the Victorian Period (Wistful sigh.)

Death of Moth & Other Essays (Woolf!)

Slouching Towards Bethlehem (Didion, who also had her humble start as a copywriter and shares some of my views on the prose styles of men and women. I haven't read these essays, and I'm excited to get a woman's take on "counterculture" after all the Kerouac I've absorbed.)

The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism (The flap says it contains a "staggering" variety of criticism, which probably means it weighs 20 lbs. Hopefully the staggering factor won't cause me to fall over backwards on a lurchy "L" ride.)

There are a few more, but not too many. These are 10 week classes. Then we get to take ONE intense class for the whole month of December. Or nothing at all. I think I can dig it.

Some comfortable DePaul students, as depicted on the English Dept's website.

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  1. Is it sad that I am jealous of your courses? I also must say that I am the queen of awful Student ID cards. The worst was my card for Library School which was taken after I was drenched in a sudden rainstorm and then fell down a flight of stairs.


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