Thursday, April 22, 2010

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Lauren and I, after 10 days camping in Kauai.
I like these "what the hell is happening here?" pictures.

That's Blog-Love, friends.

My good friend Lauren just started one up, and here is an entry I found helpful.

Narcissicm vs. Arrogance

As you know, if you've been hanging around here, I've been writing about my own writing, writing about my own schooling, writing lots of things that some folks might call "arrogant" lately. This post lays out the difference between that nasty trait, arrogance, and the narcissism or self-love or self-interest -- whatever you want to call it -- that all writers share, whether they are the types who openly write about it or not. Seems we women are more likely to let these things out into the open, and this of course makes us the target for all sorts of negativity. (I left a long comment on Lauren's post, so I hope you'll read that too.) So timely, Lauren! And I'm glad you wrote it, because after this un-semester, I would have been afraid to say it myself.

On our good days we can weave our commentary together with our arguments -- the way Woolf does (and you're probably tired of hearing about her from us) in her essays. On our best days, we don't need the commentary. We don't need to explain ourselves. But I think without those bad days, and those in between days, when we let ourselves be vulnerable, let ourselves hash a thing out until it's beaten dead, we would not have the confidence (not arrogance!) that we have when we apply ourselves to writing something academic, something elegantly argumentative, something men, the keepers of logic, would approve of.

That's all. Go read Lauren!

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  1. I saw the picture of me and my first thought was, "Oh crap!" Man alive, I have the crazy hair that's just sticking out all over the place. Why didn't I get a boy cut? ;p

    Heehee, I too enjoy the "what the hell is going on" shots.

    Thanks for the shout out!

    I love how you can bring conversations to a whole other level with your love of the English language and keen literary sense.

    If you think about it, it almost makes sense that women are the ones who let these things out in the open since it's more socially acceptable, and even expected, for us to show emotion. Of course we also get labeled "hysterical" because of it, but such is the life of a woman. When I see you on Saturday, I'm going to have to remember to tell you about a funny conversation Michael and I had about women and Abnormal Psychology.

    I'm so happy that you liked my post, Robyn. It's been something that has been weighing on my mind for a long time and it was great to finally find a medium for it.

    I really loved reading that last paragraph. My friend, the literary blogger :) I'm continually amazed by how beautiful you make the written word.


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