Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Resolve

I think "resolution" is one of those words that people just forget where it came from. It gets tossed around and watered down, much like "empower" and "hysterical" are abused. (No that chocolate bar with vitamins is not empowering, and no that funny girl is not hysterical.) Speakers seem to only know "resolution" in the context of "my New Year's resolution," and they only use it as a noun like this. When I think about what it really means, that one has resolved to do something, it seems like a much stronger verb-word than a hollow "resolution." The resolution is so impersonal. It's a thing that you own I guess, but it's not you. Your resolve is you and it's something you do. I think we should all be more involved in our own potential life-changes, if that's what we really think they are. Let's all resolve to resolve, and not "make" any more "resolutions."

I resolve to come back to my semi-abandoned blog this year, and start to write down all the things in my little head. I think them over and over at night, I dream them, I scribble them in margins. They keep me up, they worry me, thinking I might forget about them, and then I always have that feeling I really have forgotten about something. I haven't carried them out as complete, presentable thoughts in some time.

I've graduated with my BA now, which is my excuse (I need excuses I guess) for slacking on the extracurricular writing front these past few months. Now I'm not so busy, with a flex-hours job and only occasional school-related work (still working on an independent project that I'll present in the spring, and the school's going to publish in the summer). Other than that, the excuses have run out. I am back, as of today.

Now that I've allowed biography to seep into the text that is my online presence (oh no!), I'll try to get started on some academic, creative, and hopefully funny stuff for this new year.

You might see some fiction or creative writing excerpts on here, as I think I might use this semester (I will hopefully NEVER have to stop thinking in semesters!) to exercise my fictive mind a little. Just a heads up, in case you thought I was only one kind of Englishwoman and not the other.

Go forward and make a year, resolved citizens!

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  1. Robyn, they should make a movie about you and your blog. You're much more interesting than that frail, scared and hopefully poorly portrayed woman in "Julie and Julia". Did you see it? Fast-foreward through the parts about the blogger.


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