Friday, December 5, 2008

Fragments of Foolishness

I spent an evening with an old Moleskine, and wondered what disjointed knowledge the world might have of me if that little leatherbound pocket journal was all I left behind. If I was posthumously published in fragments, I might look something like this:

-- Brainstorming: A silly word, but no one has ever gone out of their way to think up a passable replacement. How about ACTION THINKING?

-- The dregs of December. Our logical Roman calendar loses sight of the important events in nature and life.

-- It's like legal heroin, only it doesn't let you sleep it off.

-- I have accepted the earth as my spiritual place.

--DROP academic writing. ADD philo religion.

-- 10:10am. I have an office. I have a phone line. I didn't think this position warranted such grandiose accomodations. They are buying me a new computer.

-- The man is the most self-aware yet completely relaxed person I have ever had the pleasure of observing.

-- Blisters on my feet from Friday's ten-mile walk in Jesus sandals. I don't know how Jesus did it.

--Why is there such a thing as "modern latin"? It can't be modern because no one speaks it.

-- Alliteration? Rhyme? Have they any place in fiction?

-- 12:15 am. My eye is watering from coughing on smoke and on my own words, not original because they were quoting my own words of the past. Days of future past. Past futures.

-- And Henry says, "Circumfused. As in, being confused by own's own circular thinking."

--Is anything a paradox for God?

-- I should be dead by now. (As you can tell from my handwriting I am nearly dead already.)

-- John 3:16 - For God so loveth the world that he gave us three dimensions in which we can go forth and multiply: forward, sideways, and up.

-- John 1:1 - In the beginning was the word, and some people took it way too seriously.

-- Bernays = Evil Genius

-- Two men's voices: 1. Resonant 2. Mellow

--The vending machine fizzed out a perfect crest of bubbles (not foam) and now they trace themselves on the wax coating that most probably is coating my stomach. Warm and gritty. The finish leaves a hint of gardenias. One should always be suspicious of floral notes in food products.

-- And I quote, "Her area of expertise was the complexity of solitude."


  1. This entry made me think about what someone would deduce about me if they poked in any of my spirals and/or around the old disaster site that is my work area. I'm pretty sure they'd walk away thinking I were schizophrenic, especially if they saw the colorful notes I often have on hand.

    HA! Action thinking, I like it!

    Dregs of December? I was a bit confused about this one, although that could just be because whenever my brain reads December it automatically shuts down.

    Legal heroin? Maybe Ritalin?

    This is by far the hardest entry I've ever commented on. I'm loving it, but I have absolutely no clue how to....dang, I'm at a loss for words again!

    Have you ever read anything by Sarah Vowell? She's an excellent author with a real love for American History along with pop culture. This reminds me of an essay from The Partly Cloudy Patriot entitled State of the Union. If you ever get a chance, look her up. I really think you'd enjoy her work.

    Ten mile walk in sandals?! Are you mad?! :)

    In regards to modern Latin: I'm still trying to figure out where the heck pig Latin came from and why the "Latin" was even attached to it. Why not call it, "Incredibly Stupid People Trying to Appear Clever"?

    Oh, rhyming. John Stewart recently had on a guest (whose name escapes me at the moment) who wrote an entire book of verse on the events of the '08 election.

    Past future, an oxymoron?

    I was laughing at the Circumfused comment. Reminds me of how I get lost in my head sometimes.

    Can God make a stone so big even he can't move it? I know, I know, cliche.

    "I should be dead by now." The thought that runs through every writer's mind in the wee hours of the morning during bouts of insomnia.

    John 3:16-if that isn't the set up for a million and one dirty jokes then I don't know what is. Rimshot please.

    Robyn, I almost fell off the computer chair when I read John 1:1. That was brilliant.

    Here's a question: how come Lavender turns up in so many food products? It's the new cranberries apparently. Maybe it's just my wacky vegan foods.

    I really loved the last sentence. I may save it in my quotes file.

    This blog was the perfect pick-me-up after a so-so weekend. Great work.

  2. Lauren, That's exactly what I was talking about with the God paradox. :)

    After reading this back it sounds like I have a substance problem! The legal heroin was caffeine. Seemingly harmless green tea actually. I nearly called 9-1-1! And the near deadness was just from staying up with friends every night in Tucson.

    "Past futures" are events in the past that at one time you thought of as being in the future. I got the term from a philosopher but I don't remember which one. Days of Future Past is a Moody Blues album. These things happen in no particular order at midnight after a couple of guinesses.


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